— Our History & Commitment

Nazca was founded in 2014 with a challenging mission: to empower the best leaders in Mexico and Latin America, fully based on merit. To balance the status-quo between capital and talent. We believe that by doing so, we are setting our region on a path towards social and economic success.

By empowerment, we mean building the ultimate environment for each of our founders to thrive in. An environment where every leader and their teams can flourish and reach their maximum potential, faster. We provide multi-stage venture capital, early on. We deliver unique peer-learning opportunities as well as unparalleled expert networks. We enable unprecedented access to key stakeholders and critical gatekeepers. We facilitate swift entry and preferred relationships with renowned commercial partners. We help identify and persuade the most talented individuals to join our founders' teams. And most importantly, we do all this while creating a lasting and sustainable friendship.

Nazca [nahs-kah]:

1. In Spanish, to be born, to rise.
2. A tectonic division of the earth's crust, which unites various geographies of Latin America.

— Our Values

Founder Centricity

Putting founders first and at the core of our business, in order to provide unique support throughout their entrepreneurial journey, while building long-term and profound relationships.


Our ability to keep promises and meet expectations, while having strong moral principles, both in the professional and personal setting. In other words, being honest, respectful, trustworthy, responsible, and helping others.


Ability to measure, undertake and navigate risk, by getting things done through innovative actions.


The careful, responsible, and efficient management of the founders’ dreams and the investors’ capital entrusted to the firm’s care.


Enable a powerful effect within the entrepreneurial ecosystem that positively transforms our society through measurable indicators.

Meritocracy & Teamwork

Achieve common goals through a collaborative effort. The team’s compensation and professional growth are vested on the basis of talent, effort, and achievement of collective and individual goals.

— Our Team

Rooted on founder values, we’ve assembled a highly experienced and motivated team.

Nazca Team

Jaime Zunzunegui

Managing Partner

Hector Sepulveda

Managing Partner

Raúl Villarreal


Adolfo Blasco


Andrea Navarro

Head of Legal

Mariana Romero

Head of Scouting & Platform

Laura Ruiz


Natalia Sánchez


Lucia Barbieri

Head of Community Relations

Ana Chavez Peón

Head of Investor Network

Oscar Sanchez

Head of Finance

Yovani Mazariegos

Office Manager

Edgar Villalaba

Head of Accounting

Ana Paula Rosas

Legal Intern

Itzel Araiza

Administrative Assistant

Pablo Riveroll

Platform Intern

Freddy Priego