— Asistensi

Health insurance and medical assistance platform


About this project

Asistensi is a health and medical assistance platform that provides coverage through an instant affiliation and a 100% digital onboarding process.

The Company offers its customers comprehensive coverage in primary care, medicine, telemedicine, hospitalization and surgery at a price that is up to ~30% better than equivalent alternatives.

Asistensi’s primary market are migrants living abroad that send money to their families as supporting income. The Company allows migrants to easily pay for their relatives’ medical coverage from anywhere in the world. However, Asistensi’s value proposition is also highly competitive without the remittance angle and there is a large opportunity in domestic markets as well.

Meet the founders

Armando Baquero (Co-Founder & CEO)


Andrés Gonzalez-Silen (Executive Chairman & Co-founder)


Luis Velazques (COO)