— Sugo

A climate-tech ESG ecosystem focused on creating value out of waste


About the project

Powered by innovative products and a proprietary methodology that unlocks the scale-up potential of all waste diversion initiatives through the monetization of their emission reductions, by turning those reductions into verifiable and tradable carbon credits. With technology at the backbone of their purpose, Sugo Company has developed two products to connect its zero-waste efforts and enhance growing sustainable agendas of its strategic partners. Sugo Store: a sustainable store where every user can help the environment while enjoying extraordinary discounts on their favorite brands. CoreZero: a Platform as a Service (PaaS) that seamlessly integrates into sustainable business operations to measure the impact of all waste prevention and minimization initiatives through unique methodologies.

Meet the founders

Jean Pierre Azañedo (CEO & Co-founder)


Ignacio Bordigoni (Co-founder & COO)